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Buy 5 Favorite Flowers at Nursery Plants

5 Favorite Flowers
5 Favorite SunFlowers
All Annual Mix Flower Seed
All Perennial Mix Flower Seed
Alyssum - Basket of Gold
Alyssum - Oriental Nights
Alyssum - Rosie ODay
Alyssum - Tiny Tim
American Flag
Armeria Formosa
Aster - Dwarf Milady
Aster - Tall Matsumoto
Babys Breath
Aster - Tall Matsumoto
Aster - Tall Matsumoto
Bachelor Button - Blue Boy
Bachelor Button - Sweet Sultan
Bachelor Button - Tall Blend
Balloon Flower - Pastel Blend
Bee Balm - Dotted Mint
Bellflower - Acaulis
Bellflower - Canterbury Bells
Bells of Ireland
Bishops Flower - White Lace
Butterfly Mix Flower Seed
Daisy Favor
Dried Flowers
Drought Tolerant Mix Flower Seed
How-to Create your own Wildflower Meadow Video
Hummingbird Garden
Kids Butterfly Kit
Kids Hummingbird Kit
Kitty Cat Garden
Lovers Garden
Low Grow Mix Flower Seed
Midwest Mix Flower Seed
Native Wildflowers
Northeast Mix Flower Seed
Pacific NW Mix Flower Seed
Partial Shade Mix Flower Seed
Seeds from Santa
Songbird Garden
Southeast Mix Flower Seed
Southwest Mix Flower Seed
Sunflower Favor
Tulip Topper
Western Mix Flower Seed
Wildflower Favor
Wildflower Full Size
Windowsill Herbs
Black-Eyed Susan
Black-Eyed Susan Vine
Black-Eyed Susan Vine Spanish Eyes
Bluebells - Desert
Butterfly Flower
Calendula - Pacific Beauty
Candytuft - Evergreen
Cardinal Climber Vine
Carnation Chabaud - Mixed Colors
Castor Bean - Impala
Catchfly - None-So-Pretty
Celosia - Pampas Plume
Chinese Lantern
Chocolate Flower
Clary Sage
Cleome - Cherry Queen
Cleome - Violet Queen
Coleus - Rainbow Blend
Columbine - McKanas Giant Blend
Columbine - Rocky Mountain Blue
Coreopsis - Double Sunburst
Coreopsis - Plains Dwarf Bicolor
Corn Cockle - Milas Rose Queen
Cosmos - Albatross
Cosmos - Bright Lights Blend
Cosmos - Candy Stripe
Cosmos - Sea Shells
Cosmos - Sensation Blend
Cosmos - Yellow Garden
Cupids Dart
Cypress Vine
Dahlia - Delight Mix
Dahlia - Mignon Silver
Daisy - African Mix
Daisy - Gloriosa
Daisy - Painted Robinsons Mix
Daisy - Shasta
Daisy - White Buttons
Daisy - Yellow Buttons
Daisy - Zulu Prince
Datura - Angels Trumpet
Delphinium - Pacific Giant Mix
Dianthus - Maiden Pink Shrimp
Diascia - Twinspur Pink Queen
Echinacea - Purple Coneflower
English Daisy
Flax Blue
Forget-Me-Not - Victoria Blue Dwarf
Forget-Me-Not - Victoria Pink Dwarf
Four OClock - Marvel of Peru    
Foxglove - Gloxiniaflora Mixture
Gaillardia - Dwarf Goblin
Godetia - Semi-Dwarf Mix
Gomphrena - Strawberry Fields
Grass - Blue Eyed
Grass - Bunny Tails
Grass - Cat
Grass - Great Quaking
Grass - Pony Tails
Hollyhock - Chaters Double
Hollyhock - Indian Spring
Hyacinth Bean Vine
Immortelle - Double Mix
Impatiens - Swirl Mix
Knautia - Burgundy Wine
Ladys Mantle - Thriller
Larkspur - American Flag
Larkspur - Giant Imperial Mix
Larkspur - Rose
Larkspur - Shades of Blue
Larkspur - Sublime BiColor
Lavatera - Tree Mallow Mixed
Lavender - Hidcote Blue
Lavender - Tall English
Lobelia - Cambridge Blue
Lobelia - Cascade Mixed Colors
Lobelia - Crystal Palace
Love In A Mist
Love Lies Bleeding
Lupine - Russell Mix
Marigold - Dwarf Bonanza Blend
Marigold - Eskimo
Marigold - Giant Sunset
Marigold - Lemon Drop
Marigold - Lemon/Tangerine Blend
Mexican Sunflower - Torch
Mina Lobata - Spanish Flag
Money Plant
Morning Glory - Choice Mix
Morning Glory - Ensign Blend Dwarf
Morning Glory - Flying Saucer
Morning Glory - Grandpa Otts
Morning Glory - Heavenly Blue
Morning Glory - Split Personality
Nasturtium - Alaska
Nasturtium - Cherry Rose
Nasturtium - Dwarf Jewel Mix
Nasturtium - Mahogany
Cucumber - Straight Eight
Nasturtium - Peach Melba
Nasturtium - Tall Climbing Single
Nemesia - Carnival Mix
Nicotiana - Indian Peace Pipe
Nicotiana - Sensation Mix
Nierembergia - Purple Robe
Oxypetalum - Heavenly Blue
Pansy - Antique Shades
Pansy - Got the Blues
Pansy - Swiss Giant Mix
Penstemon - Rocky Mountain Blue
Pepper - Ornamental Varingata
Phlox - Coral Reef Mix
Poppy - California Mikado
Poppy - California Mix
Poppy - California Orange
Poppy - California White Linen
Poppy - Iceland Nudicaule
Poppy - Oriental Mix
Poppy - Shirley Single Blend
Portulaca - Double Mix
Portulaca - Double Mix
Salvia - Mixed Colors
Scabiosa - Isaac House Mix
Snapdragon - Magic Carpet Mix
Snapdragon - Tall Maximum Mix
Statice - Sinuata Mix
Stock - Dwarf Ten Week
Stock - Twist
Strawflower - Mixed Colors
Sunflower - Autumn Beauty
Sunflower - False - Summer Sun
Sunflower - Mammoth Grey Stripe
Sunflower - Moulin Rouge
Sunflower - Teddy Bear
Sunflower - Vanilla Ice
Sweet Pea - America
Sweet Pea - Bouquet Mix
Sweet Pea - Cupani
Sweet Pea - Cupid Pink
Sweet Pea - Early Multiflora Mix
Sweet Pea - Knee High Mix
Sweet Pea - Little Sweetheart
Sweet Pea - Melody
Sweet Pea - Ocean Foam
Sweet Pea - Old Spice Blend
Sweet Pea - Pastel Sunset
Sweet Pea - Perennial
Sweet Pea - Miss Willmott
Basil - Custom Blend
Basil - Italian Large Leaf
Basil - Lemon
Basil - Napoletano
Basil - Red Rubin
Basil - Siam Queen
Basil - Spicy Globe Greek
Chamomile - German
Chervil - Garden
Chives - Chinese Garlic
Chives - Common
Cilantro - Coriander
Dill Dukat
Fennel - Bronze-Smokey
Fennel - Florence-Finocchio
Marjoram - Sweet
Mint - Spearmint
Oregano - Greek
Sweet Pea - Perfume Delight
Sweet Pea - Royal Mix
Sweet Pea - Singing the Blues
Sweet Pea - Starry Night
Sweet Pea - Streamers
Sweet William - Double Mix
Texas Bluebonnet
Verbascum - Mixed Colors
Verbena - Brazilian Vervian
Vinca - Little Bright Eyes
Vinca - Little Pinkie
Viola - Johnny-Jump-Up
Viola - King Henry
Viola - Prince John
Virginian Stock
Wallflower - English Bedder Mix
Yarrow - Common-White Milfoil
Zinnia - Cactus Flower Mix
Zinnia - California Giant Mix
Zinnia - Canary Bird
Zinnia - Cut & Come Again
Zinnia - Envy
Zinnia - Peppermint Stick
Zinnia - Persian Carpet
Zinnia - Scarlet Flame
Zinnia - Thumbellina Mix
Zinnia - White Star
A Gaggle of Gourds
A Real Shady Blend
A Summer of Squash
Arugula - Mediterranean
Arugula - Wild
Bachelor Button - Dwarf Mix
Basil - Cinnamon
Basil - Genovese
Basil - Greek Mini
Basil - Italian Genovese
Basil - Lime
Bean - Baby Lima White Dixie
Bean - Contender
Bean Pole - Blue Lake
Beets - Early Wonder
Bring Home the Butterflies
Broccoli - Italian Sprouting
Broccoli - Raab - Rapini
Bush Bean Trio
California Poppy - Orange
Carrot - Danvers 126
Carrot - Nantes
Chives - Common
Cilantro - Coriander
Cilantro ORGANIC
Corn - Country Gentleman
Corn - Honey & Cream
Dried Delights
Drop Dead Red Sunflowers
Florist Favorite Yellow Sunflowers
Grandmothers Cutflower Grd
Hummingbird Haven
Parsley - Green River
Parsley - Italian Flat
Perennial Bloom
Sage - Broadleaf
Sassy Salad Mesclun
Savory - Summer
Shiso Perilla - Green aoshiso
Shiso Perilla - Red akashiso
Short Meadow
Sprouts - Alfalfa ORGANIC
Sprouts - Mungbean ORGANIC
Sweet Baby Blue
Terrific Trailing Baskets
Thyme - Common
Xeriscape Extreme
Cucumber - Straight Eight
Dill - Bouquet
Echinacea - Prairie Coneflower
Eggplant - Black Beauty
Hibiscus - Dark Red Teatime Red
Kale - Red Winter
Lettuce - Black Seeded Simpson
Lettuce - Butterhead Batavia Blonde
Lettuce - Butterhead Marveille
Lettuce - Butterhead Speckles
Lettuce - Butterhead - Kagraner Sommer
Lettuce - Lolla Rossa
Lettuce - Mesclun Mix
Lettuce - Romaine Freckles
Lettuce - Romaine - Paris Island
Lettuce - Salad Bowl Mix
Mache Corn Salad - Big Seeded
Mizuna Mustard
Muskmelon - Hales Best Jumbo
Muskmelon - Hearts of Gold
Onion Bunching - White Sweet Spanish
Parsley - Moss Curled
Pea Edible Pod - Oregon Sugar Pod
Pea Shelling - Progress #9
Pepper Bell - California Wonder
Pepper Chile - Early Jalapeno
Pepper Chile - Habanero
Pepper Chile - Hungarian Hot
Pepper Greek - Pepperochini
Pumpkin Big Max
Radish - Cherry Belle
Radish - French Breakfast
Spinach - Bloomsdale
Squash - Summer - Black Beauty
Squash - Summer - Straightneck
Squash - Winter Delicata
Sunflower - Ornamental Mix
Swiss Chard - Italian White Ribbed
Tomato - Ace
Tomato - Aunt Rubys German Green
Tomato - Beefstake
Tomato - Cherokee Purple
Tomato - Cherry Sweetie
Tomato - Roma
Turnip - Seven Top
Watermelon - Crimson Sweet
Watermelon - Moon & Stars
Amaranth - Edible-Red Leaf
Arugula - Rocket Salad
Bean Bush - Snap - Blue Lake 274
Bean Bush - Snap - Montpellier French
Bean Bush - Snap - Purple Queen
Bean Bush - Snap - Purple Queen
Bean - Fava Broad - Windsor
Bean - Southern - California Blackeye
Bean Pole - Snap - Yard Long
Bean Pole - Runner - Scarlet Emperor
Bean Pole - Snap - Kentucky Blue
Bean - Southern - California Blackeye
Beet - Detroit Dark Red
Beet - Gourmet Blend
Bitter Melon
Bok Choy - Tatsoi - Tah Tsai
Bok Choy - White Stem
Broccoli - Super Blend
Burnet Salad
Cabbage - Chinese - Michihli
Cabbage - Discovery
Carrot - Asian - New Kurodo
Carrot - Babette
Carrot - Healthmaster
Carrot - Little Fingers
Carrot - Royal Chantenay
Carrot - Thumbelina
Cauliflower - Brocoverde
Celery - Chinese - Kin-Tsai
Celery - Tall - Utah 52 70 Improved
Corn - Argent - white
Corn - Bodacious - Yellow
Cucumber - Lemon
Cucumber - Pickling - Homemade Pickles
Cucumber - Slicing - Armenian
Cucumber - Slicing - Fanfare
Edamame - Tohya Green Soybean
Eggplant - Bambino
Eggplant - Long Purple
Endive - Tres Fine Maraichere
Escarole - Grosse Bouclee
Gourd - Hard-shelled - Birdhouse
Gourd - Hard-shelled - Corsican
Gourd - Hard-shelled - Dipper
Gourd - Luffa
Gourd - Ornamental - Crown of Thorns
Gourd - Ornamental - Nest Egg
Gourd - Ornamental - Pear Bi-color
Kale - Dwarf Blue Curled
Kale - Nero Toscana
Kohlrabi - Purple & White Vienna Blend
Lettuce - Blend - Bon Vivant
Lettuce - Blend - Bon Vivant SPICY
Lettuce - Butterhead - Tom Thumb
Lettuce - Head - Summertime
Lettuce - Leaf - Oak Leaf
Lettuce - Leaf - Red Sails
Lettuce - Romaine - Cimmaron
Mache - Corn - Salad - Big Seeded
Melon - Charentais
Melon - Honey Dew - Sweet Delight
Micro Greens - Mild Blend
Micro Greens - Spicy Blend
Muskmelon - Fastbreak
Muskmelon - Ha Ogen
Muskmelon - Israeli - Old Original
Mustard - Red Giant
Mustard - Southern Giant Curled
Okra - Clemson Spineless 80
Onion - Bunching - White Sweet Spanish
Onion - Italian Red
Onion - Red - Burgermaster
Onion - Walla Walla
Orach - Red - Burgundy
Pea - Edible Pod - Oregon Sugar Pod
Pea - Shelling - Green Arrow
Pea - Snap - Cascadia
Pepper - Bell - Emerald Giant
Pepper - Bell - Mandarin
Pepper - Bell - Ori
Pepper - Bell - Purple Beauty
Pepper - Chile - Ancho Poblano
Pepper - Chile - Cayenne Blend
Pepper - Chile - Cayenne Red
Pepper - Chile - Early Jalapeno
Pepper - Chile - Mulato Isleno
Pepper - Chile - NuMex Joe E Parker
Pepper - Chile - Pasilla Bajio
Pepper - Chile - Santaka
Pepper - Chile - Scotch Bonnet
Pepper - Chile - Serrano Tampiqueno
Pepper - Chile - Thai Hot
Pepper - Chile - Tobasco Greenleaf
Pepper - Sweet - Marconi Gold
Pepper - Sweet - Pimiento
Pepper - Sweet - Romanian
Pumpkin - French - Cinderella
Pumpkin - Jack Be Little
Pumpkin - Jack OLantern
Pumpkin - Little October
Pumpkin - Lumina
Pumpkin - Sugar Pie
Radicchio - Milan
Radish - Cherry Belle
Radish - Crimson Giant
Radish - Round Black Spanish
Radish - White Icicle
Sorrel - Common
Spinach - Correnta
Spinach - New Zealand
Squash - Summer - Early Crookneck
Squash - Summer - Pattypan Scallop Blend
Squash - Summer Zucchini - Baby Round
Squash - Summer Zucchini - Black Beauty
Squash - Summer Zucchini - Lebanese
Squash - Winter - Acorn - Table King Bush
Squash - Winter - Buttercup - Burgess
Squash - Winter - Butternut - Waltham
Squash - Winter - Pink Banana
Squash - Winter - Spaghetti
Swiss Chard - Bright Lights Mix
Swiss Chard - Fordhook Giant
Swiss Chard - Ruby Red - Rhubarb
Tomatillo - Toma Verde
Tomato - Amish Paste
Tomato - Black Krim
Tomato - Brandywine
Tomato - Celebrity
Tomato - Cherry - Gardeners Delight
Tomato - Cherry - Rainbow Mix
Tomato - Currant - Red & Yellow Blend
Tomato - First Lady ll
Tomato - Grape Juliet
Tomato - Green Zebra
Tomato - Patio - Husky Gold
Tomato - Yellow Pear
Turnip - Purple Top White Globe
Watermelon - Crimson Sweet
Watermelon - Ice Box Quetzali



5 Favorite Flowers - Large packet includes one packet each of the following:
  • Red Poppy
  • Cosmos
  • Black-eyed Susan
  • Shasta Daisy
  • Lupine
  • Pricing

    5-199   -    $3.95   each
    200+   -    $2.95   each
    Details of the 5 Favorite Flowers Seed Collection:
    1. Shasta Daisy Chrysanthemum maximum. Big, bright white daisies on deep green foliage have made the "Shasta" a favorite perennial for centuries. Grows quickly from seed. Plants are low, reaching only about 12", but flowers often have long stems, making this a favorite for the vase. With full sun and good drainage, plants will return every year with more and more blooms. Packet is 300 mg.

    2. Cosmos C. bipinnatus. One of the world's best "cutting flowers", cosmos bloom from mid-summer through fall with thousands of blooms on lovely, ferny foliage. Seed includes pink, white, wine, and bi-colored varieties; plants grow from 2-4 ft. Few flowers are easier to grow. Remove fading flowers for more and more bloom. Packet is 500 mg.

    3. Lupine L. succulentus. The quickest, easiest to grow of all the lupines, this flower, often called "Arroyo Lupine" covers hillsides in California as a beloved wildflower. Lovely sky blue spikes form early and make great accents in the garden and in arrangements. Packet is 1 g.

    4. Black-eyed Susan Rudbeckia hirta. One of America's favorite wildflowers is also a garden favorite. With stiff stems and large golden blooms up to 4 inches across, the treasured flowers are long-lasting, both on the plant or in your vase. Packet is 300 mg.

    5. Red Poppy Papaver rhoeas. Probably the all-time favorite flower on several continents, this delicate, but easy-to-grow beauty is the famous poppy of "Flanders Fields", and also the symbol of the American Legion. The tiny seed pops up quickly and is in bloom just a few weeks later. Flowers are lipstick red, pink, and white. Extremely easy to grow; remove fading flowers for more and more bloom. Packet is 500 mg.

    How your Favorite Flower Garden will grow: Annuals in your collection (Cosmos, lupine, red poppy) will bloom first year after planting, creating color in the garden and plenty of flowers for cutting. Perennials bloom second year and then return every season with more and more flowers.

    Planting Instructions: Plant in spring after frost, early summer, or fall after growing season ends. All five flowers require full sun, so choose a sunny spot with good drainage. Remove all existing growth, break up soil, and compress seed into bare earth. Do not cover. Keep moist until plants are about 10" tall.


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